Coffee Break Data was born from the idea that there is an analyst in all of us. If you have data, the content Coffee Break Data produces is about helping you use the data you have with the tools that are accessible to you. 

Data is everywhere and using it will help you move forward with your goals. Let’s take away the complexity and jargon.  It turns out data skills are universal and anyone willing to dig in can layer these skills with industry expertise to really work some magic.


You might say that I have a passion for data. Data has power, and I love seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they find an unexpected insight from their data.

As far as education goes, I have a BS in IT Management. I fell into business intelligence in a call center setting, and I fell in love with the power that can be gleaned with data visualization and predictive analytics tools in particular. This love affair with data professionally led me to pursue an MS in Data Analytics.

I’ve applied the knowledge and experience I’ve picked up in the banking, insurance, manufacturing, and supply chain settings.

Business intelligence to data science. In the weeds and as a manager. Sharing results with others that can speak statistics and code but more often with those that do not. It’s all about making the results digestible to the audience, right? 

Along the way I’ve earned SASOracle SQLTableau, and a Power BI certificates with experience with R & Python, as well.

Through all of that, it turns out that my data super powers are in turning numbers into stories, breaking down technical jargon for non-data folks, and building relationships that really propel the work I can do behind the scenes.

Coffee Break Data is all about helping you do the same!

So grab a cup of coffee & dive in!!