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Why Coffee Break Data?

Experience + Personal Touch
Analytics Mastery

It’s not just about expertise; it’s about making the complex accessible & relatable. Whether you’re reading the blog or the Data Brewed☕ newsletter or diving into a course, you’ll get insights that are digestible with the depth you need.

Active Learning

Time is precious. That’s why every piece of content provides actionable takeaways. I focus on practical, real-world applications of analytics, giving you quick wins that you can apply immediately in your professional life.

tailored to Your Needs
Personalized Pathways

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all, so neither is the content here. Whether you’re an aspiring analyst, just need to grab-n-go a skill, or an analyst looking to upskill quickly, the resources are designed to meet you where you are.

Hi! I’m Renee

With over 2 decades of analytics experience + a Master’s degree in Data Analytics, I’ve seen firsthand how data can transform businesses & careers. But I also know the overwhelm in an ever-changing field that not many understand.

My journey has been more than just crunching numbers. I uncover stories, simplify the complex & make data approachable. This is the essence of Coffee Break Data. Here, I believe that with the right guidance, anyone can use analytics in their world.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped countless professionals & businesses thrive by turning data into actionable insights. My mission is to empower you – whether you’re an aspiring analyst or seasoned pro looking to upskill.

So grab a cup of coffee & dive in with me. One insightful – and caffeinated – moment at a time!

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